Monday, December 16, 2013

Wild & Crazy With Sheinside

Sheinside one of the best fashion website that i know of. 
Now that summer is ending, its time to go dark but with a little bright.
All this iteams and clothing are from sheinside.

This shorts and skirt is very trendy at the moment and one of my favourites.

I am so in love with their leggings specially this cats its so adorable, this type of leggings is mostly for people who is very confident. go crazy.

who doesn't love black because i do, i love dungaree it brings back the 90s.

I don't really wear dresses much because I'm very tomboyish but if i do i would wear something like this so edgy and it just looks like a top. You can also dress this up very girly with heels but for me i would just wear platforms.
Sheinsde have the most amazing dresses and so cheap. wanna look nice but don't spend so much this is your choice.

For Boyish look but still sexy.

For partys look.

For Casual Look but edgy.

Now that winter's here, sheinside have the most amazing coats and jackets to keep you warm yay!
 its also very girly, boyish and very trendy, you can find everything you love.

For casual and smart look

This are my favourite sheinside jacket, it look so warm, my christmas treat for me!tehe.

This coats are very trendy at the moment, i always want to have one but i couldn't find some but now that i have, I'm a very happy girl. Perfect for winter and feels like winter.

Even if its winter, still go wild and crazy but of course keep yourself warm, just keep layering 
Go and check out Sheinside.
Because i would..tehee


  1. Love the guys at Sheinside, they're the best! And the clothes are amazing! Definitely recommend him - I looove your choices too!

    1. Ohyess they are amazing :) and thank you <333