Thursday, November 14, 2013


Yesterday's Outfit was kinda crazy but thats how i am.
This t-shirt and leggings are new from they both look amazing together and i also DIY this beautiful flower choker, i know in some stores you can buy flower choker but its expensive, i might aswell DIY my own!! I got this flower from fabric store for only 90p!!! and i also thrift this leather jacket from wales carboot and it was only £3!!
 I also want to say Thank you for people who's following me in my blog i am very blessed :) Thank you guys !!

Flower Choker - DIY
Cross Necklace - New look
Tipsi T-shirt -
Skeleton Leggings -
Unif Cross Trainers -
Leather Jacket - Thrifted/DIY


  1. Killin' em' with this outfit!

  2. Hi Diane!!! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) all further info in this post:
    HUGE fan of your blog by the way :) xoxo